No Fear?

The cynical marketing firm approach to this would take the position that all communication should be calculated.  That the most foolish thing you could do would be to speak from the heart.  

"NO FEAR"  remember that from the 90's? or whenever.  Those stickers, usually on mud caked pick-ups? 

We all want to appear composed and well-put-together; tough.  It simply isn't the case.  We all have our weaknesses, faults, areas in life and business or relationships where we simply suck.  We're stupid humans.  If we were smart, we could admit that.  As complex and amazing as the mechanics of our bodies and higher evolved being of our brains could be, we are but frail and stupid machines over-compensating for those same frailties we each share.  These are the very things that connect us to each other.   Connectivity is truly powerful and transformative!

So why am I talking about this?  

As an entrepreneur I am supposed to be supremely confident...I mean it's a must have right?  Well I'm really not.  Most days I'm wringing my hands and second guessing myself.  Navigating the murky water of growing a brand and company culture is a wild ride.  You know why?  It's because of people...our internal customers and external customers, our human emotions, desires, needs.  Ego.  It provides opportunities to dive deep and push our limitations to be vulnerable to listen to each connect.  

I have loads of fear and I'm ok with that.