OK, So I'm going to dedicate some time to this:

I can't tell you how many marketing and PR firms approach me, expressing concern about Big Shoulders Coffee and it's SEO strength.  They usually offer a complimentary service to diagnose the "problems" we're having.  They're really good at selling snake oil.  It's a heck of a scam they have going.  The benchmark for success (theirs) is generating a first page hit to any search.  That doesn't necessarily meet my goals.  My yardstick is revenue.  That is something I can measure pretty easily.  While new "friends" are always nice, that doesn't always mean a new customer or promoter.  That's problematic.  I've learned that pretty much all of the work done by these firms is stuff I can really do myself, do better and be more authentic.  While I may not be tech savvy, I know our customer often by name mostly by recognition.  I express my gratitude to them.  That's pretty genuine.