Don't Bro Me if you don't Know Me

Well, sorta.  Entrepreneurs take everything personally.  It's hard not to.  This is my baby and I'm defensive about it.  I'm a work in progress.  I'll probably never be the best version of myself that I aspire for.  People, strangers want to see us succeed.  I get this often..."you know what you should do?"   Often times the advice is absurd but I have to be express my gratitude and tell them "wow!  you telling me Cap'n Crunch and maybe some other cereals you say?...what an idea!"  Othertimes it is a simple but effective observation on getting better that would make us better.  It's always hard to hear though with an open mind because of those intro words.  Funny thing is that if it were one of my employees I'd make it happen in the form of a trial run.  Why should customers' observations be different?