We gotta be smart or we're gonna be dumb

There was hearty laughter when I blurted this out one night, evidently after a couple drinks too many but I nonetheless meant it in good faith.  I was asked about Big Shoulders and growth and how we make decisions or something equivalent.  It describes pretty clearly (at least I think so) the platform you need to be on while guiding the ship (that's an analogy) through murky waters.  

I used to believe we were one or two bad decisions away from locking the door.  Now in all honesty I think we're probably closer to 30 or 40 bad decisions away.  Which is awesome since even in our worst day as an enterprise that just isn't going to happen...at least I sure hope so.  I read somewhere that starting a business is all about surviving to the next day.  And that's pretty accurate.  

We gotta be smart about where we put our cash.  Key employee now or new sharper designed bags for retail?  Printed cups or plain cups and a printed sleeve?  A new computer for book keeping or a new bag sealer for production?  See what I mean?  We gotta be smart or we're gonna be dumb!