Putting on Our Listening Ears

We are privileged to have stellar customers.  There is of course a downside to this.  They challenge us to serve, they require us to be better employees, better people, more engaged.  Yesterday I had a customer corner me...literally, corner me and tell me we were failing him.  We failed to recognize him as a "regular" customer, we failed to "know his drink, and get it started," we failed to not treat him like a "transaction" like Starbucks did before he discovered us.  We suck.  

These are the best customers.  I didn't say they were the easiest customers.  They give a shit, they hold us accountable, they're rootin' for us!  They help us keep our eye on the ball.


If in that moment, we have the ability to prevent our natural human instinct to put up protection, engage our ego, puff out our chests and become defensive we can become heros.  

The most important "transaction" is happening right in front of us, be present for the possibilities it offers.