We All Want To Be Just a Transaction...


Yesterday I posted about the customer that cornered me to let me know where we were failing, saying he didn't want to be a transaction.  It got me thinking.  

Recently someone asked me why Starbucks is so successful.  While there are certainly a number of contributing factors, here's one I think that bears some relevance. 

The majority of people really don't want to be bothered and I don't blame them.  We get bombarded daily with interruptions and marketers vying for our attention.  We're numb.  And then on top of it going to a job we're not "passionate" about and a boss that doesn't inspire us.  Don't get me started on the wife and kids.  Just leave me alone!  At Starbucks you can be anonymous, just a number, just another drink that gets pumped out.  You don't have to invest much, you don't even have to converse, you know from Starbucks to Starbucks it'll be the same.  You've figured it out, they've figured it out...It's easy and it's quick.  It's just a transaction.  

I get it.  Given the choice between Starbucks and the unknown coffee shop down the street where I'll likely be sized up by some shitty little twenty-something taking their sweet time.  There's no chance.  

We hope to surprise you though.  It's our job to read you and understand your needs and not ask too many questions (except when you order a macchiato because Starbucks really screwed us with that concoction).  We're professional.  We can see when you need space or when you're inviting us to engage.  You're not just a transaction, you're our new regular.