Starbucks Policy

It's a really important and powerful thing that Starbucks did yesterday.  I am hopeful of course it creates an opportunity for a current Starbucks customer to stop in one of our stores to experience what we do.  Not in a cynical way though.  As a company/culture Starbucks is navigating a treacherous road and that's gotta stink.  I am hopeful it challenges us with our own soul-searching moments that we can take advantage of and grow from.  

Starbucks stumbled, in my opinion because of policy.  Policy removes humanity, it removes common sense and a pragmatic way of engaging with guests and with each other.  Policy is a bullshit way to not accept any responsibility.  You can't have a dynamic organization with this kind of mindset.  Assuming ownership is powerful.  Assuming ownership implies taking action, thinking of solutions and establishing discourse...assuming ownership inspires innovation!  When we have a policy to use as an excuse to not engage, then we loose as humans.  We fail each other. 

We will inevitably fail.  We will make mistakes.  We will do the wrong thing.  We will be scared.  Not on purpose but because we are imperfect.  Like everything we do at Big Shoulders, I hope we are learning in our day to day with each other and with our guests learning from our mistakes and getting better.