Kenya Kirinyaga


Kenya Kirinyaga


Here is a article which rates this coffee very high. And here is the full review. I must admit, historically Kenya is not a favorite origin of mine.  I know I'm supposed to like it as a coffee roaster, but in sweeping terms I have always found Kenyan coffees to be too sharply acidic.  So we made a strong commitment to Kenya in 2017 and continuing to the present to better understand the origin, it's regions and farmers: it's flavor profile.   In a year of roasting and getting to know this origin, this is one of the best Kenyans we've had.  We've been able to celebrate the beans' characteristics while creating balance between sweetness and acidity.  We detect Hibiscus, juicy-ripe pineapple, Meyer lemon, sweet chocolate.   Pulled as a shot it is tangy and crisp.  As a V-60, using the 4-6 method it is syrupy and sweet with a clean smooth finish.  Enjoy...because it'll be gone very soon.



Each bag contains 12 oz. of whole bean coffee

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high marks

would give this one 6 stars if I could. it’s simply perfect.


CLARK G ON NOV 14, 2017

A great daily brew!

A great example of high quality, African beans roasted properly. City+ roast, mildly bright, with a clean cup. Delicious in the chemex or pour over! Not enough body or fruit to pull shots of espresso, but that's to be expected with this type of processing & roast.


AMY ON OCT 02, 2017

Dessert coffee

Upon first brew (while it's still hot), this coffee masquerades as a mild-mannered, smooth, low-altitude brew. As it began to cool off, however, what resulted was one of the most intensely delicious and sensory coffees I've ever tasted. I'd have mistaken it for an Ethiopia if I didn't know any better. This coffee is truly a "treat" in every sense of the word.